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This FAQ page covers the bulk of the questions we get asked about AssetManage. We check this FAQ regularly to make sure that our answers are as up to date as possible, and we add new questions and answers as soon as they become "frequent". 

However, if you have a question that doesn't appear on this FAQ page, email, and we will get back to you ASAP.

Q. What Technical Support is included?
90 Days of free program updates as well as phone, email and on-line chat support is included in the purchase price.  Extended support is available, you will see the pricing on the order form.  The extended support can be purchase along with the software or at any time afterwards.

Q. What kind of Barcode scanners does AssetManage support?
AssetManage will work with virtually any barcode scanner.  You simply click in the Barcode edit box for an asset and then scan the barcode.  For barcode scanners which store data internally, you should export the collected data from the barcode scanner to a text of CSV file, then import it into AssetManage. 

Q. What kind of Barcode scanners do you recommend for use with AssetManage?
We recommend the barcode scanners from Metrologic (  For a PDA-type barcode scanner, we would recommend the Symbol MC 55.

Q. Can AssetManage print barcode tags or labels?
Yes it can.  AssetManage can print asset tags in virtually all of the popular barcode formats.  The barcode labels can be printed on a regular laser printer using labels from Avery® or other label companies.  You can also print labels on any dedicated label printer, simply enter the label measurements.

Q. Is there a limit to the number of Assets that can be entered.
No, there is no limit on the number of assets that can be entered. 

Q. Do you sell Barcode Scanners or Barcode Printers along with your software?
No, we currently sell the software only. 

Q. Is AssetManage sold on a subscription basis? Or is it a permanent license?
Your purchase is a permanent license, with no required renewal fees. You can purchase the extended support plan, which is a subscription that include free downloads of all major or minor updates of the program.  If you do not have the extended support subscription, you can upgrade to  a major new version will cost approxiametely 40% of the original purchase price per CPU. You will never be required to upgrade, and can continue using your current version for as long as you wish.

Q. How does AssetManage licensing work? Do I need to purchase a license for every potential user?
AssetManage licensing is based on the number of computers that will be using the software at the same time. For example, if you purchase a 5 user license, you could install and run the software on up to 5 computers.

Q.  What is the difference between the Enterprise and the Standard version?
The Standard version uses a Microsoft Access format data file to store data.  It is NOT necessary to have Microsoft Access installed on the computer.

The Enterprise version uses ODBC to connect to a back-end database such as SQL Server, MySQL, etc..  That is the only difference between the products.

To  use the AssetManage Enterprise Trial version you must have a valid license for SQL Server 7.0, 2000, 2005 or 2008, 2012 or later.  The Trial will also work with the free SQL Server Express Edition. 

Q: How long have you been in business?
A:  Liberty Street Software has been in business since February of 1997.

Q: What does the Site License cover?
A:  This license allows any number of users within the same physical location to operate AssetManage. 

Q. Can we buy AssetManage using a Purchase Order?
Yes, just select "Purchase Order" from the "Method of Payment" dropdown you will see on the order page.   If you need a W9 Form to complete your Purchase Order, you can access it Here. Note that payment is made to our on-line processor Plimus, not to Liberty Street Software.

Q. What kind of bar code scanners does AssetManage support?
AssetManage will support any type of bar code scanner that transmits bar codes as keystrokes to your computer. These bar code scanners typically connect directly with your keyboard or are connected via a USB port. AssetManage will also support barcode scanners that store collected information within the scanner. After collecting the information, export it to a text file. Then import the text file into AssetManage.

Q. Do AssetManage Standard Edition require Microsoft Access™ or the Access Run-time engine be installed on the user's machine?
The AssetManage Standard version DOES NOT require that Microsoft Access™ or the Access run-time engine be installed to use the software.

Q. We would like a custom version of AssetManage that can...
We have created several custom versions of AssetManage. Please enumerate your requirements a best you can and email us at for a quote. Please note that we do not make our source code available.

Q. What programming language was used to write AssetManage?
AssetManage is written using C++ and MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes).

Q. Does AssetManage allow the user to schedule preventative maintenance tasks for an asset? A. You can set a "Due Date" for Notebook Items associated with an asset. Notebook Items can also have a "Completion Date" You can then run reports to view overdue or items that need to be completed soon.

Q. Does AssetManage support Monthly Depreciation?
Yes, AssetManage now supports both monthly & annual depreciation.

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