AssetManage Asset Tracking Software

Track Maintenance and Expenses for each asset

  • Track Asset Ownership.  AssetManage can automatically create log entries describing any changes in Status, Assignment or movement to a new location or department.
  • Keep track of all expenses associated with an asset such as fuel costs and repairs. 
  • Track and schedule maintenance - extend the life of your assets.
  • Eliminates paper work and organizes records.
  • Keep track of tasks pertaining to an asset, including due dates, who the task is assigned to and completion date of the task.

Keep track of Asset Maintenance and Other Expenses 

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  • Check Out assets directly to employees or customers.
  • Print Check Out receipts.
  • Assign due date and notes.


Asset Check In and Check Out features

Calculate Monthly & Annual Depreciation Schedules

  • Support for Straight-Line, Sum of Years Digits, Double Declining Balance (including 125%, 150% & 175%) as well as Percentage per year Depreciation.
  • Month of Fiscal Year End can be changed.
  • Several useful Deprecation Report templates, including Depreciation for Year & Depreciation for Month reports

 Calculate Annual and Monthly Asset Depreciation Schedules


Scan & Print Barcodes Scan & Print Barcodes

  • Associate a barcode with an asset simply by scanning the barcode with the cursor in the barcode field.  Retrieve the asset record later by scanning the barcode again.
  • Find missing assets with the Asset Audit Wizard. Simply scan the barcodes of all assets in a particular location or department. The Asset Audit Wizard will show found and missing assets.
  • AssetManage can work with all barcode scanners, whether they connect to your computer using a keyboard wedge, USB or via wireless connection.
  • Barcode scanners that store data in memory can also be used. Simply export the stored scanner data to a text file and then import the file into AssetManage.


View your asset data in many different ways.

  • Use the View window to see assets grouped by different fields such as Vendor, Insurer or Manufacturer.
  • See which assets are assigned to a particular employee.
  • View assets by Status. A great way to keep track of checked out tools, or items on loan.
  • Remind yourself of soon to expire Warranties & Leases. AssetManage will show assets by Month/Year of Warranty or Lease Expiration
  • The View window is where custom queries can be executed simply by clicking on the Query.
  • Keep track of uncompleted tasks. Asset notebook items can be shown by Due date.

Group assets by Disposal Date, Employee assigned to, Expiring Leases and much more

Keep track of Asset Maintenance and Other Expenses 

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Create your own reports and barcode labels

Use our new, integrated report designer to create and edit your own reports.

  • Easily create reports with graphs, images, totals and more.
  • AssetManage ships with numerous pre-defined reports. Reports include: Depreciation Report for Year/Month, Assets by Department, by Category, Barcode label templates and more.
  • Reports can be exported to many different formats, including PDF, HTML, Excel, & XML.
  • Create custom asset labels, with company logo and barcodes.   AssetManage can print barcodes in most barcode formats including: Code 128, Code 39, CodaBar, UPC, etc.  

Use the AssetManage report designer to design asset reports


Print Bar Code Labels

Print barcode labels in all the major bar code formats

Comprehensive Support for Asset Disposals

  • You can view Asset Disposal information in the Asset Properties dialog. AssetManage will calculate accumulated depreciation, book value and Gain/Loss automatically.
  • Quickly view Disposed Assets by Month/Year of Disposal & Disposal Method.
Record asset disposals              
Generate Asset Disposal Reports



Additional Features

  • Handles multiple locations.
  • A powerful Run Report Using feature lets you run reports using only data from the currently selected location, query, department, etc..
  • Import delimited text files and Microsoft Excel spreadsheet data into AssetManage.
  • Export data to HTML, Access database or an Excel spreadsheet.

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