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Suppose you would like to view all the assets that you acquired in December of 2000, or perhaps you would like to view all the assets you own that are worth more than 1000 dollars.  You can accomplish this by creating an AssetManage Query.  To create a Query either:


Select Add Query from the Actions menu

Type Ctrl+Q on your keyboard


The following dialog will appear:



A valid query requires a name, and at least 1 condition.  The Create and Create and Execute buttons will only be enabled when a valid query has been specified.  Below is an example of a query.   When executed, this query will display all assets that were last audited in the first quarter of 2011.


Once you have successfully added a Query, you can be view it in the Queries section as seen below



To run a report that will only include asset that meet the query parameters, right mouse click on the query, and the select Run Report Using from the popup menu.




AssetManage uses the Query capabilities built into Microsoft Access.  Any queries you create are stored directly within the AssetManage data file    (ASSETS.MDB).