Linking Assets

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Linking Assets

AssetManage allows assets to be linked together.  An asset can be a parent or a child of another asset, but not both.  The following applies to a group of linked assets:


1/ When one asset in the group is moved to another location/dept. all assets in the group are moved as well.

2/ When one asset in the group is assigned to somebody new, all the linked assets are re-assigned as well.

3/ When the status of an asset in the group is changed, the status of all the other linked assets is changed as well.


To link assets:


Select the Linked Assets tab in the Item Properties for one of the assets to be linked.  In this example, we are going to edit a Dell Computer asset and link a keyboard as a child asset.



Go back to the AssetManage main window and select the asset that will be the child of the asset that is currently being edited.



Now return to the Item Properties dialog and select the Add Selected as Children button.  The keyboard asset selected in the main window is now a child of the Dell computer asset currently being edited.