How Do I Check for expired Warranties?

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How Do I Check for expired Warranties?


You can check for expired (or soon to expire) Service Agreements/Warranties that apply to items you have entered into AssetManage.


: Checking for Expiring Service Agreements/Warranties


1. Click Check Svc. Agreements/Warranties from the File menu. The Check Warranties dialog appears, as shown below.



2. Select the date from which you would like to begin checking warranties.

3. Select the end date, then click the Check button.


All the items whose warranties expire between the 2 dates selected will be shown.  You can then print the list by clicking on the "Print..." button.


An Easier way to view Expiring Warranties, Leases or Service Agreements is from the View tab. Expand the Expiring Warranties section to see the Month/Year expiration date for all assets with valid Expiration Dates.