Upgrading from an earlier version of AssetManage

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Upgrading from an earlier version of AssetManage

To upgrade to AssetManage 2020 from an earlier version


1. Install Version 2020 either by running the downloaded setup file or from the CD.  


2.Make sure you select the same installation directories as were used in the previous version of AssetManage.  These directories will appear as the defaults in their respective install screens.
3.Run AssetManage.  You may see a message box asking if you would like to update the AssetManage data file.  Select Yes to upgrade the file.  If you do not see this message box, it means the data file is already compatible with the version of AssetManage that you have installed.


AssetManage has a new feature called Open AssetManage File. (File > Open AssetManage File...)  This feature will let you switch which data file is being used by the program.  It will also set the data folder to that used by the selected data file.  This feature can be useful when moving a single user install of AssetManage to a new computer and in other situations.


For Multi-User installation Upgrades Only

4.IMPORTANT: Install AssetManage on all your other workstations that will be using the program.
5.When installing on the other workstations, make sure that the Data directory & Images directories are the same for all users.        


Note: AssetManage must be able to both read from and write to the source of the file's data, so backup files should be saved on hard drives or other writeable media and not read-only CD-ROMs.  A data import from a read-only  CD will not work.