User Permissions in AssetManage Standard Edition

If we were to make a list of the most requested AssetManage additions, User Permissions would be at the top of the list.  We have just updated the Standard version of AssetManage with the ability to assign user permissions.  For example, you can specify that a use can view..but not add/edit/delete assets.  Or you can allow a user to check in/check out but not audit, etc… Watch this video for a brief overview.

Video: How to Replace the AssetManage Data File on a New Machine


I have downloaded Asset Manager but I am unable to get the old data to this new instance.

Can you please send me the steps which I can follow to get the data from my PC “c” drive to Asset Manager.


This is a common question so we have created a video that shows how to do this.  Please subscribe to our YouTube™ Channel to automatically receive notification when we upload a new video tutorial.