How Do I Remove Departments and Categories?


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How Do I Remove Departments and Categories?



AssetManage ships with many pre-defined categories and departments. You many want to simplify data entry by removing unnecessary departments and/or categories.


: To delete unused Departments and/or Categories


1.From the AssetManage Preferences dialog, select the departments and categories you would like to remove.  Note that you can select multiple items in both the departments and category list controls.  


You may select multiple items by holding down the Shift or Control keys on the keyboard and using the mouse pointer to click on the entries and select multiple items.  The Shift key will select multiple sequential entries, and the Control key will select multiple individual entries.

2.  Click the delete button.

3.  Click the OK button to permanently delete the items, or

4.  Click the Cancel button to abort the process.

       Selecting multiple items in the Setup dialog, as described above.